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This is the top level page for Cohen Software Consulting, Inc. and for Barbara Cohen, LMFT, two rather different but very Silicon Valley businesses.

Barbara Cohen was a psychotherapist in private practice in Palo Alto, California. She was a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a broad range of training and a number of special areas of expertise, including EMDR and the adoption triad. Barbara died on 11 July 2016.

Cohen Software Consulting, Inc. is owned and managed by Howard Cohen, a software development consultant. Our practice, also located in Silicon Valley, is centered about Palo Alto. Dr. Cohen has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and over 30 years experience in the design, implementation, and management of the development of a large variety of software applications. He also has over twenty-six years of experience as an Expert Witness in software intellectual property matters, including patents, trade secrets and copyrights.

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Dr. Cohen's biography, resume and publications and patents list.

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  Electronic Design Automation
  Expert Witness

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