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Some Good News -- Prostate Cancer Support Group Talk
MRSI or MRIS - Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Spectroscopy
A's Story -- Mothers' Milk Helps Cure Stage 4 Colon Cancer
/Talk Slides 11 pages
SOME GOOD NEWS - Improvement Without Knives or Rays -- Title Page
Who Am I?
PSA Evolution
What Did I Do?
Vitamins & Herbs
Diet & Exercise
Alternative Practitioners
Secret Weapons
Bottom Lines
/Press Coverage 7 pages
San Jose Mercury News story -- 28 Dec 2004
The Telegraph (UK) story -- 16 Jan 2005
BBC story -- 23 Jan 2005
My comments on the BBC story -- 24 Jan 2005
CBS News story -- 11 May 2007
Fox (Chicago) News story -- 6 Nov 2007
KTVU (Fox TV) story -- 16 Nov 2007
/HAMLET Research 20 pages
Multimeric Alpha-Lactalbumin from Human Milk Induces Apoptosis through a Direct Effect on Cell Nuclei
Molecular Characterization of Alpha-Lactalbumin Folding Variants That Induce Apoptosis in Tumor Cells
Protease Activation in Apoptosis Induced by MAL
Conversion of Alpha-Lactalbumin to a Protein Inducing Apoptosis
A Folding Variant of alpha-lactalbumin With Bactericidal Activity Against Streptococcus pneumoniae
A Folding Variant of Human Alpha-Lactalbumin Induces Mitochondrial Permeability Transition in Isolated Mitochondria
Hamlet -- A Complex From Human Milk That Induces Apoptosis in Tumor Cells But Spares Healthy Cells
HAMLET Kills Tumor Cells by Apoptosis - Cellular, Molecular and Therapeutic Aspects
Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells (HAMLET) Kills Human Glioblastoma Cells in Brain Xenografts by an Apoptosis-Like Mechanism and Prolongs Survival
Treatment of Skin Papillomas with Topical Alpha-Lactalbumin-Oleic Acid
Apoptotic Cell Death in the Lactating Mammary Gland is Enhanced by a Folding Variant of Alpha-Lactalbumin
HAMLET triggers apoptosis but tumor cell death is independent of caspases, Bcl-2 and p53
Bladder Cancers Respond to Intravesical instillation of HAMLET (Human α-Lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells
Structure-function analysis of HAMLET
Mini review: HAMLET, protein folding, and tumor cell death,
Heat-treatment method for producing fatty acid-bound alpha-lactalbumin that induces tumor cell death
Can misfolded proteins be beneficial? The HAMLET case
HAMLET (human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells) triggers autophagic tumor cell death
Who Is Mr. HAMLET? Interaction of Human α-Lactalbumin with Monomeric Oleic Acid
Emerging Health Properties of Whey Proteins and Their Clinical Implications
/Miscellaneous 3 pages
Walt D'Ardenne's PCa Experience
Phase II Study of Pomegranate Juice for Men with Rising Prostate-Specific Antigen following Surgery or Radiation for Prostate Cancer
Letter to President Obama on Mother's Milk and Cancer

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Last updated: 14 July 2020
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